Plan 9 CLOSING PERMANENTLY in Boone May 11th

After being a fixture in Boone since 2006, we’re pulling the plug. There is simply not enough interest in comic, gaming and collectible toys among the generally low Watauga area population to support operation of a well-stocked store with a large gaming area. And that problem is exacerbated by routine inclement weather for nearly half the year that impacts business. Thus, Plan 9 will be relocating (under a new name) to the Mooresville or Huntersville area this summer. Our last new comic shipment in Boone will be received May 7th. The store hours have been reduced to closing at 6 pm daily and we’ll be closed on Thursdays too. Good luck Boone folks. Thanks for your patronage over the last eight years!

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Special MTG Event at Time Tunnel Comics Sat 11/9 at 5 PM

Magic Jar1Special Magic JAR tournament at Time Tunnel Comics in Hickory. The prize is a 14″ jar of 100+ sealed booster packs. Sanctioned tourney. Entry fee only $5. Call (828) 325-9858 for details.

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Just a reminder, our GPT for GP: Washington, DC is tonight! We will also be running FNM (Standard unless everyone would prefer a draft) for those who don’t want to participate in the GPT.

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Last Friday’s Winners

steve chirayu
Last week’s FNM winners were Stephen Wilson and Chirayu Patel. Chirayu was playing Junk Midrange and Steve was playing Esper Control. One of these players will have a bounty on them this week at FNM, same as last week, so be sure to show up to try and win the bounty!!!
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Theros Gameday – FREE!

Have anything going on this Saturday? If you didn’t, you do now. Theros Gameday happens this Saturday at 12:00pm. This is a totally free event! All you need to bring is your best Standard deck and your all set to play. Continue reading

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FNM Winners and NEW “Headhunter Bounties”

Steve and Joey Will (and Greg)

Congratulations to (from left to right) Steve, Joey, William and Greg (not pictured) for splitting in the finals of our Standard and Modern FNMs last night! Steve and Joey were the top two in Modern piloting Esper Control and GW Aggro. Will and Greg made it to the top two in Standard using a Chandra, Pyromancer powered Jund build and an America Tempo deck.

One of these players will have a “Bounty” on their head next week. Come out to FNM and win packs just for beating him. But, if he goes undefeted during Swiss, he clams a large bounty for himself.

You don’t want to miss FNM this week with more ways to win!

(Writers note: Also, I just want everyone to know that there is a PTQ in Roanoke, VA, this Sunday, 10:00am. The format is Theros sealed)


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Modern FNM this week!


Because of the Theros Release, (more info below) we are rescheduling our monthly Modern FNM to this week! I really want to thank the 25 that came out for our Theros Release event! And even bigger thanks to those that … Continue reading

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Theros Release – Friday 9/27


How can we follow the great weekend we had for the Theros Pre-Release? By having a Theros Draft with great prizes, exclusive foils and hero cards, of course! $15 gets you entry into this event that starts at 6:00pm.

Remember, this is the first day anyone can get their hands on their very own box or fat pack of this set!

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Grand Prix Trial for GP:Charlotte – 2/9/13

Come out Saturday Feb. 9th for a GPT for the upcoming GP:Charlotte.

  • Entry Fee: $30
  • Format: GTC Sealed
  • Prizes: Guaranteed 1/2 box and $50 travel award to winner (all other prizes determined by attendance)

Three rounds of byes for GP: Charlotte are up for grabs! We will have pizza and drinks available. There is no better way to spend your Saturday than playing Magic. Bring your friends and we will see you there.


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Innistrad breaks all previous Plan 9 records!

The Magic pre-release tournament for Innistrad has broken all previous sales and attendance records for Plan 9 Comics. Not just in the new location, but in our entire 5 years of business (interestingly, only 1 week from our actual 5th anniversary)! We want to thank everyone for coming out and playing and supporting our store. Our previous record was held by the M12 pre-release just 3 months ago at 42, but Innistrad destroyed that number with 60 players. Thanks, again and i hope to see a bunch of folks at the Innistrad release tournament this Friday, September 30 at 5 PM. I know i’ll be there to draft some more.

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